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Цангов съединител Ф5 - Ф5

Код: 01548

  • Размери: 30 х 10 х 10 мм

  • Производител: AIGNEP
  • Тегло: 0.020 кг
Цена: 4,10 лв.

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Каталожен номер: 50040-5



Compression fittings

This series of fittings is called "compression" because realizing the clamping of the tube and the tightness between the tube and the body-fitting, by means of the compression of the ring called "olive".
The seats of the fittings, the olives and nuts are dimensioned in conformity with the DIN standards.


Temperatures and Pressures

The working pressures and working temperatures depend on which type of tube is used, for this reason, the values must be determined in accordance with the tube's features.
Hereunder, we specify the values of the maximum pressure advised for the fittings at a temperature of 20°C connected with copper tube, which has a thickness of 1 mm.
The values of working pressures advised, specified in table have been obtained from the test values using a Safety Factor 4. It is available the test report made by external laboratory test.

Fittings are available in the following sizes:
Tubes: from 4 up to 18
Thread: of 1/8 to 1/2

Size Maximum pressure Size Maximum pressure
ø 4LL 130 kg/cmq - 128.6 Bar ø 12L 75 kg/cmq - 74.2 Bar
ø 6LL 180 kg/cmq - 178.1 Bar ø 14S 70 kg/cmq - 69.3 Bar
ø 8LL 150 kg/cmq - 148.4 Bar ø 16S 70 Kg/cmq - 69.3 Bar
ø 10L 115 kg/cmq - 113.8 Bar ø 18L 65 Kg/cmq - 64.3 Bar



Component Parts and Materials

Nickel-plated brass Body
sureAnnealed brass Olive
Nickel-plated brass Nut
Internal support bush

Connection Tubes Tubes made in copper, steel, iron, aluminium, brass, etc.
With an inside support bush (art.10770) can be used also for plastic material such as PA11 - PA6 - etc.
Threads Tapered gas in conformity with ISO 7.1 - BS 21 - DIN 2999
Parallel gas in conformity with ISO 228
Metric in conformity with ISO R/262
Fluids Water, oils, compressed air, fluids in general for the hydraulic, pneumatic and oildynamic plants etc.



Assembling Instruction Series 9000 To ensure the best function of our fittings, please follow the under mentioned istructions, in oder to avoid waste of time and bad applications of the product
Cut the tube at 90° and remove internal and external burrs
Lighty oil the tube nut, olive and fitting thread. Slide the nut and olive onto the tube ensuring that the sharp side of the olive is facing the fitting
Screw the nut onto the fitting by hand until hand-tight
Ensure the tube is pushed fully home into the fitting before tightening the nut with the correct spanner
Tighten the nut with the spanner one and a quarter turns, marking reference points, if necessary
To ensure that the olive has gripped the tube correctly. Unscrew the nut and make sure that the groove made by the olive is even
Tighten the nut again with an extra quarter turn. Additional information to ensure correct assembly, where fitting to curved tubes ensure that the section entering the fitting is straight for a minimum length of twice the nut height


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